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Transgender & Non Binary Inclusive Care


  • 7 contact hours
    (+BONUS Q&A)
  • PT/PTA CEUs through the state of NY. 
  • Check reciprocity for other states or apply individually


  • Immediate Access


  • Medical Providers
  • Mental Health Providers
  • Sex Educators, Counselors, and Therapists
  • No pre-requisites
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Friday at Five with Heather, Alex, & Tuesday: Q&A for clinicians about sex, kink, and BDSM

While all of the course content is pre-recorded, you can jump on to these Q&A times to talk to Heather and Alex about course content or special cases!  The zoom video will be directly accessible within the course! 
  • Friday, July 29, 2022 at 5:00 pm ET 
  • Friday, September 30, 2022 at 5:00 pm ET 
  • Friday, November 18, 2022 at 5:00 pm ET 
Have lots of fun learning complex content!

What can I expect?

It's hard to know what you don't know. We're here to help you see the ways in which clinical experiences might not be inclusive and give you ways in which we can create more welcoming and inclusive environments for all of our LGBTQIA+ patients. While there is some medical treatment considerations and surgical education, this course heavily focuses on the psychosocial aspects of patient care for this population.

The instructors for this course, Heather Edwards (medical) and Tuesday Feral (mental health), are collaborating to provide you education from multiple perspectives. These two LOVE to present together and always have a great time discussing this complicated (and often uncomfortable) content with the course participants. These two taught Transgender and Nonbinary Pelvic Health: Creating Competent and Affirming Care in 2019 through Pelvic Guru Academy and have decided to take the content in a different direction for 2020. This course will cover some fun and challenging content. There will be many opportunities for activities for your personal learning and ways to take some challenging sexual issues that your patients might come to you with and learn how to break them into pieces and help them through their process. 

If you have already taken Heather and Tuesday's Trans-Inclusive, Trauma-Informed, Kink-Aware Care: Optimizing Sexual Health, this course is the first half of that one. This material will all be a repeat. Keep watching for our advanced options. 


What people are saying:

This course is a must for all healthcare providers, as it presents a holistic view of patient populations that need better informed care from their providers. I came out of this course with the tools and knowledge to feel more confident and competent to work with these patient populations. 
Heather and Tuesday were fantastic presenters and made sure that all course participants felt comfortable asking questions and sharing experiences. I have been wanting to take this course for a long time and I'm so glad that I had the opportunity to take it. Thank you for an in-depth and comprehensive course!
So grateful to both Heather and Tuesday for all their incredible hard work in putting together this course, along with their vulnerability and honesty. This was an incredible experience, and honestly spacing it out in the form of webinars made the material easier to digest and reflect upon. Thank you!!

In this course we will be:

  • Examining our own biases and how it might unknowingly affect how we care for our patients/clients
  • Enthusiastic Consent and how we can model that in a medical setting
  • Transgender and nonbinary genital talk and education
  • Trauma awareness training for you to use with patients
  • Moving away from cis-het normativity with our language and education
  • Self-reflect on our own barriers, boundaries, and emotionally activating scenarios.
Learn ways to problem solve a variety of sexual health issues.


More accolades:

I LOVED how open and non-judgemental you both made the space. That it's OK to make mistakes, and to be kind and loving with ourselves and each other. It did a beautiful job regulating my vagus nerve responses. 
The content was great. The 101 was an enjoyable fast-moving review and didn't bother me even though I have familiarity with the topic. It was powerful to have Tuesday teach, and I think it immediately melted down initial barriers by allowing the participants exposure to a person who presents with characteristics associated with more than one gender. And it is officially physically impossible to not like both Tuesday and Heather.    
Heather and Tuesday do a beautiful job presenting high quality material in a friendly, enjoyable, welcoming fashion. Highly recommend!
Feel comfortable navigating psychosocial nuances while learning practical skills to do so. 


By the end of the course:
  • Participants will understand what additional screens or history taking would be needed to address transgender, nonbinary, lesbian, gay, bisexual, and asexual patients/clients.
  • Participants will understand how to avoid normative language to create a safer environment in which their patient/client does not have to actively “out” themselves as part of their intake history.
  • Participants will be able to recognize their own trauma responses.
  • Participants will be able to recognize and take steps to de-escalate a trauma response in another person.
Meet the instructorS

Heather Edwards, PT, CSC

Heather (she/her or they/them) has been a pelvic physical therapist for 15 years in western North Carolina. She is a University of Michigan trained Sexuality Counselor and Educator. She founded Vino & Vulvas in 2015 and it quickly became her favorite thing to do. She teaches community classes such as “Field Guide to Your Crotch” and “How to Talk to Your Doctor about Your Nonbinary Crotch” for transgender and nonbinary folx. Heather created the Transgender Pelvic Health Survey (currently in progress) and teamed up with Nova Southeastern University and the Pelvic Health Research Initiative for its implementation and data analysis. In 2016, she presented at the Southeastern Transgender Health Summit on the topic of pelvic PT considerations for the surgical trans patient. She presented at the 2018 AASECT conference on the topic of BDSM/Kink and Pelvic Health.Despite all the clinical stuff, Heather considers herself an artist… and if truth be told, she’d love to just draw fantastical crotch doodles and outside-the-box anatomy illustrations all day. This unusual hobby led to the creation of her first self-published book, Important Parts: A Coloring Book for the Crotch Enthusiast. She’s in the process of the second one in the series.


Tuesday Feral, LCMHCA

Mx. Tuesday Feral, LCMHCA is an experienced educator, coach, counselor, and consultant who has spent the last decade giving direct support to nonbinary and transgender people. They served for 10 years as the founding director of the support programs at Tranzmission, a non-profit that serves nonbinary and transgender people in Western North Carolina. Tuesday has been teaching workshops and training on a local, state, and national level since 2009. As a nonbinary MA graduate in Clinical Mental Health Counseling at Appalachian State University with a concentration in Marriage and Family Therapy as well a certificate in Systemic Multicultural Counseling with a focus on transgender issues, Tuesday offers a unique, systems-oriented perspective to their coaching, consulting, and teaching. They find great joy and fulfillment in connecting with individuals and groups, and reach a wide audience with their vibrant energy, interactive approach, and humor. Tuesday lives with their beloved feline companion in a small cabin surrounded by delightfully overgrown gardens in Western North Carolina. In their free time, they love to spend time in nature, tend their gardens, engage in creative endeavors, and connect with loved ones.

Heather and Tuesday are so excited to bring this course to you!

Patrick Jones - Course author
Who is this for?
This course is for any licensed medical providers (PT, OT, MD, NP, PA, RN, LPN, Doulas, Midwives, etc) or mental health professionals who would like to enhance their skills in helping clients through sexual challenges in a way that is trauma informed and not heterocentric or cis-normative.
CEU Information:
Contact hours: 14
  • CA has approved 1.4 PT CEUs (California assigns CEUs based on contact hours divided by 10)
  • AASECT CEUs will be available for anyone who requests them (Please email if you are interested in AASECT CEUs)
  • Pelvic Guru, LLC is an approved course provider for the state of NY.
  • If you are in another state or you have another profession, please check your state for reciprocity or individual CEU application.


What is the Cancelation & Refund Policy?
Individual GPHAM webinars are non-refundable. 
For other courses, the option for a full refund is available within 48 hours of purchase, however it is non-refundable upon either of these conditions:
  • You have viewed more than 50% of the course material
  • You have already claimed your CE certificate
If you need additional assistance with a refund or course concern, please email
Will there be any part of this live course where I could be recorded?
Live participation parts of courses may be recorded live and screenshots maybe be taken by the instructor or the host. If your camera is on, your microphone is on, or you type comments in the comment section, your participation will be part of that recording. If you do not wish to be part of this recording, you will be responsible for keeping your video and audio recording OFF during any live recorded sessions. 
How can I use the handouts, videos, and course supplemental material?
You will be provided with online content and recordings of the course as well as slides and material related to the course. This material is for your personal use only.  Please do not use clips of video, screen captures, screenshots, or copying in any way, that you might be presenting it as your own (whether or not it is for financial gain). Sharing a screenshot to social media that is credited to the instructor and/or Pelvic Guru, LLC is acceptable. If you would like to use any of this content for an independent project, you need to discuss this directly with Pelvic Guru and the instructor of the course. 
Will I have to exercise or have a space to move for this course? 
Some of the Pelvic Guru Academy courses have sections in them in which you will have the option of doing movement at various levels. Understand that all physical therapy, rehabilitative, and strength training instruction and use of all facilities and equipment shall be done at you own risk, and please be physically and medically able to undertake any and all physical therapy, rehabilitative, and strength training instruction provided in the course.