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Pudendal Neuralgia & Complex Pelvic Pain Solutions 


  • 27 hours
  • PT/PTA CEUs applied for in all 50 states.
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  • Immediate Access
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  • Medical professionals who do internal vaginal and/or rectal assessment and treatment.
  • Pre-req: Pelvic Floor Level 1 (or have experience treating internally) 
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While all of the course content is pre-recorded, you can jump on any or all of these Q&A times to talk to Tracy about the content or special cases!  The zoom video will be directly accessible within the course! 
  • Saturday, August 21, 2021 11:00 am ET 
  • Saturday, October 16, 2021 11:00 am ET 
  • Saturday, December 11, 2021 11:00 am ET 
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Neuralgia or Entrapment?

Pudendal neuralgia and pudendal nerve entrapment. These diagnoses are often confusing to both patients and healthcare providers. Additionally, there are numerous differential diagnoses to consider with pelvic neuralgia symptoms. 

Patients seek out the answers to these questions and often find there’s a wide variability in answers and level of expertise or understanding from health care providers:
  • Do I have pudendal nerve neuralgia or entrapment?
  • What are the best diagnostic tests for an accurate diagnosis?
  • What type of treatment options are there?
  • Is it worth getting blocks and injections?
  • If so, what should I consider?
  • What exercises are safe?
  • Do I need surgery for this and what’s the best type of surgery?
We can help patients by understanding the various differentials, using critical thinking, and knowing what to include in assessments and treatments.


What people are saying:

The course was amazing! Full of great information! I loved how we had the opportunity to discuss some cases we are struggling with and brainstorm with everyone in the group on how to best provide care! Tracy definitely took a lot of time to discuss our concerns and answer any questions we had. I am excited for future courses!
Pelvic Guru's Pudendal Neuralgia class went beyond my expectations as a virtual course. The pre-course materials were very comprehensive, and the live portions allowed us to discuss case studies and anything from the pre-course videos we wanted clarification on. I feel that this class enhanced my skills as a moderately experienced practitioner, and I can really fine-tune my diagnosis and treatment skills to match each patient. 
Tracy created a comfortable on-line meeting room where we were able to share and ask questions. If you have been treating pelvic floor patients and would like to enhance your skills with pelvic pain, this is the course for you!

This unique course will:

  • Provide you with the ability to discern the differential diagnosis of pudendal neuralgia and other conditions related to chronic pelvic pain.
  • Focus on current diagnosis, evaluation and treatment techniques both from a physician perspective as well as a physiotherapy perspective.
  • Highlight the various patient complaints/symptoms and provide tools and knowledge to treat patients along the continuum of care – surgery prevention to post-operative cases/protocols.
  • Use an eclectic, multi-modal, and multidisciplinary approach to patient care.
  • Provide clinical pearls and functional anatomy tips that can be applied immediately.
  • Provide practical explanations and examples of how to integrate the latest in pain science research into the full continuum of care for these types of patients (this involves much more than simply “explaining pain”).
  • Integrate language, actions, and home programs to facilitate this effect.
  • Provide case studies and demos of hands-on techniques.
Get people back to living their best lives. 


More accolades:

Loved Tracy’s course! Her anatomy slides really helped you put everything together in terms of visualizing what you are palpating. She has excellent patient case studies to share that facilitate great discussion and help with differential diagnosis skills! Plus Tracy’s energy and enthusiasm are contagious!
It was an awesome opportunity to take this course and learn the material. Tracy has a wealth of experience and it is helpful to know she is dedicated to educating others. I think the concepts of pain education and the science of pain management could have been a course on its own! So much for all clinicians to continue to learn about the power of words and its effect on the healing process.
Wonderfully presented course. After just finishing the course I feel as though I have relevant and applicable tools, techniques and insights as to better guide my patients along there healing journey. 


Testimonials About Instructor Tracy Sher

Tracy has a way of teaching combining research and clinical experience that provides so much insight and knowledge that you feel so much more confident in your own practice
Tracy is amazing. Thank you for sharing your wisdom! 

She's a sea of wisdom! Thank you Tracy. Pleasure to learn from you always!

I have taken a lot of classes in my 25 years as a PT and Tracy is by far the best instructor I have ever had.

She makes very complicated issues less intimidating to treat and helps to look at diagnoses and patient complaints in new ways. She is so open to questions and her passion for wanting to share her information to help us work with clients is infectious. 
Great knowledge, presentation skill, with a warm welcoming personality! Thanks

Thanks Tracy for sharing your passion, knowledge and experience. So great. You are a natural teacher!

Very kind and approachable and knows her stuff!! I REALLY appreciated her emphasis on language and on intellectual honesty with respect to the fact that we are providing neuromodulation and interacting with the nervous system as opposed to "correcting structural faults" that we see sometimes in other pelvic health courses.
Thank you for sharing your knowledge. 


Testimonials About Instructor Tracy Sher

Tracy is the most down-to-earth instructor ever.

She has an exceptional blend of knowledge in complex pelvic pain and the passion to help others learn wherever they are starting from. Even if you come in feeling like you know nothing on the subject,

Tracy always finds a way to help people feel smarter than they think and more confident in their skills. I love the way she asks questions and models motivational interviewing.
engaging, energetic, knowledgeable, wants to help us grow 

Excellent! She made the concepts easy to understand.

Truly just learned from the pelvic guru. Thank you for sharing your knowledge 

 I appreciate your ability to share your vast knowledge and skill without arrogance/ego. I appreciate the generosity and passion with which you share your skill. 

Demystify the pelvic nerve anatomy.

What will you learn?

  • Understand what patients are seeking and their primary concerns when they have symptoms of pudendal neuralgia
  • Learn and identify important pelvic neuroanatomical and musculoskeletal structures related to pudendal neuralgia and other pelvic neuralgias
  • Become clear on how to use effective language throughout the entire course of care that integrates the latest pain science research.
  • Develop a strong understanding of tests and treatment options available to patients from physicians and physiotherapists and the risks and efficacy involved.
  • Develop confidence and a larger armamentarium of hands-on skills to help patients with pelvic neuralgias
Meet the instructor

Tracy Sher, MPT, CSCS

  • Founder/CEO of Pelvic Guru, LLC
  • Owner and Clinical Director of Sher Pelvic Health and Healing, LLC. Orlando, FL.
  • Clinical practice in pelvic health and orthopedics since 2000 (outpatient hospital and private practice).
  • Specializes in complex pelvic pain, genital pain, sexual pain and dysfunction.
  • International educator and speaker on pelvic pain, postpartum, and pelvic health integration and critical thinking courses 
  • Former faculty for Herman and Wallace Pelvic Health Rehabilitation Institute for four years, teaching PF1 nationally.
  • Successfully started two large hospital-based pelvic health programs and a cash-based out of network private practice
  • Sees complex patients from local area in Orlando and from around the world who seek out her expertise, critical thinking and hands-on skills
Patrick Jones - Course author
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