Welcome to your GPHAM Group Membership!

There are a few more steps to get all of your members set up with their own logins! 
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382 pages


24 challenges

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How do I tell you who the members are? 
After purchasing your package, you'll have a form to fill out with the name and email address of each member for us to add them manually to your group. 

What will we have access to?
Group access is the same as the individual access... just cheaper in bulk. You still have access to the FB group, the webinars, the images, and the handouts and all of the other bonuses that come your way!

What if I need to add people partway through the year? 
If you purchased a package that has space to add more people, you can fill out the member form and we'll get them added! 

What if I need to take away people during the year? 
You'll need to email [email protected] to manage that. 

What if I have a group bigger than 20 people that I want the membership for? 
Email [email protected] and we can create a plan for you. 

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