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We provide education to health and fitness professionals and community members on topics such as:
 Pelvic Pain
 Sexual Health

Professional Clinical Education

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Why choose our professional courses?

We provide unique and evidence-based course experiences on a variety of topics taught by world-class experts. The topics we cover include: 
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  • Complex Pelvic Pain
  • Transgender Pelvic Health
  • Bowel/GI management
  • Cervical, Diaphragm & Pelvic Floor Connections
  • Female Athlete Training
  • Sexual Health and Counseling
  • Low Pressure Fitness (Hypopressives)

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Aim high, see big, judge widely

Experts at your fingertips

Pelvic Health is a broad field that spans fitness, pregnancy/postpartum, bladder, bowel, sexual function and much more. In order to bring you the best education, we look for the best instructors!

I keep my eye out for who is doing ground-breaking work to deliver fantastic courses with fresh insights.

As CEO, I'm proud to show you what we have to offer. 

~Tracy Sher, CEO

Featured Courses

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What people are saying about
Pelvic Guru Academy courses:

"When I took my first Pelvic Guru course, I automatically knew it was the eye opener I needed. The clinicians teaching the course are thinkers and incredible humans who truly care about changing the situation for the client! My FAVORITE courses hands down!!!"
Kaylee Simmerman
"I have been a clinician for 20+ years and PG offerings are by far the most immediately applicable courses I have taken through the years. They are full of up-to-date clinical information and challenge the status quo. Pelvic Guru courses and webinars have been a game-changer for me as a clinician and as a business owner. I highly recommend them to students, new grads, and experienced clinicians alike!"
Anne Duch
"Pelvic Guru courses have given me more clinical pearls and ready-to-use new skills more than any other continuing ed course. The variety of courses helped me build confidence in several avenues of pelvic health and orthopedics! I'd highly recommend to any PTs, new or experienced, too broaden knowledge and skills!"
Jackie Varnum

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